Some Thoughts to Ponder While in Arizona Assisted Living Facilities

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  • 11 June, 2013
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Life passes so very rapidly and there is no way to recapture any of the precious moments that have gone by. I know any of us stop at moments and ask ourselves what could we possibly change in our attitudes and our use of time to take better advantage of the time we have and/or make a difference in some way while we are here. These are some questions that I have considered from time to time. I challenge you to ask yourself these questions and find a way to change any that relate to you.

1. Why is it that many of us continue to frown when we know it takes fewer muscles to smile?

2. Why is it that we accept that an aging body inevitably deteriorates when it is known that after a certain number of years there is not one cell remaining in the body that had been there previously? It is very possible that every replaced body cell can be healthier than the previous one with the right conditions.

3. How is we have been indoctrinated to accept bad news and even exaggerate it in our minds and when we get good news we tend to downplay it?

4. How is it that it seems easier to complain about what we do not have instead of celebrating what we do have?

5. How is it that many choose to see a glass half empty instead of half full?

6. Why do so many beat themselves up with what they see as their failures and overlook all the multiple personal successes they have had in their lives?

7. Why is it that many forget to laugh when it is proven that laughter allows the body to create chemicals e.g. serotonin
that improve all body functions?

8. Why does it seem so easy to find fault in people we love instead of recognizing the many attributes we appreciate?

9. Why do we spend so much time worrying about the past or the future when the present moment is all we have and contains so much good?

10. Why is it sometimes too easy to get lost in ones own challenges and then lose precious moments we could be enjoying with family and friends or pursuing an interest we feel passionate about?

11. Why does it take so much courage to look inside ourselves for the reasons we are facing difficulties and instead look for something outside ourselves to blame?

12. Why do so many put off doing projects they love to do until some mythical moment arrives when there will be enough time?

13. Why do many spend their time doing tasks they hate doing? Perhaps there is a way to intersperse tasks that one enjoys.

14. Why is it there is a tendency to focus constantly on what we do not want in our lives even though we know this is the
guarantee that the “same” will continue?

by Dr. Joyce Mollenhauer ND
Life Cycles Services/Desert Song Assisted Living

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