Assisted Living

Life Cycles Assisted LivingWhen one visualizes their dream of a “home”, it generally includes a sense of warmth and nurturing. Research has proven that emotional stability of people living in an environment that alludes warmth and nurturing rises significantly above what an institution can provide. The environment at our assisted living facilities allows for a comfort level that nurtures their hearts and souls.

Our assisted living residents are invited to bring personal items to enhance the personal nature of their surroundings. If they have elegant bedding with which they wish to personalize their room, it can be used. Our enticing bedding is always available for their use during their stay in the house. We have creams and toiletries available for purchase which are organically pure. Samples are available to allow for choice and preferences. As well our soaps are our own selections and can be purchased as well. These soaps contain fragrances that not only enhance the physical body but leave a subtle scent in the air for all to enjoy.

In our semi-private rooms, we do a personality match and profile. There is compatibility from the start amongst room mates.

Life Cycles Assisted LivingThe daily schedule involves stimulating activities that include social and community involvement. Our residents have choices of continuing learning and studies of their interest. Our activities enhance their physical functioning capabilities.

Our facility is kept clean and sanitized by ozonation. There is no allergic response to this process. Indeed it eliminates bacteria and viruses so that the transfer of such germs cannot be transferred from one person to another. We use ozonated water in all of our cleaning procedures. In addition ozonators are present in every room of the assisted living facility to maintain clean air free of any remnant of bacteria or viruses.

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